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Marc’s knee had been unstable and causing him pain for 50 years before he found a solution at Regenexx Des Moines. After his stem cell procedure, his function is much improved, and he says that he feels “like a new man.”

Video transcript:

I’m telling everybody about the joy of stem cell therapy because it really works. I’m getting a new knee without surgery. I’m Marc from West Central Iowa. I am 67 years old. I hurt my knee in 1965 playing football my junior year. My senior year I played football, and I got pushed all over the field. Christmas vacation I had surgery on it and they opened me up and said, “Can’t do a thing for ya.” Back then they couldn’t fix ACL’s like they do now. My knee has popped out for fifty-plus years. I hit the ground so many times, my kids would laugh at me. I have farmed for quite a few years, and I would be in the mud falling down, on the ice falling down. Heard about Dr. Jackson, cancelled my knee surgery two weeks before and it’s working out great.

After my procedure I noticed right away–three days later–standing on hardwood floors or cement, the pain was gone. I’m walking better, I’m hunting better. I can keep up with the ushers at church. Absolutely everything is better.

The past 50 years, my knee ligaments have stretched to where my knee would move straight out to the right 3-4 inches. I would wobble all over. After my stem cell therapy–in 8 months of this and therapy I’m moving now probably an inch or less. I can stand on one leg. Before, I would bounce all over or fall over–it would pop out. Pain level before my procedure, when my knee popped out–6, 7, 8. After my procedure, 3 days, 0.5 on all of it. Therapy and everything. To me, it’s pain-free.

Through the procedure, it’s really helped, and then 6 months of physical therapy, leg exercises, lifting weights, and water therapy, bicep curls, tricep presses. A few leg presses, very carefully monitored. 95 plus percent better in my knee. Before my stem cell procedure, I wouldn’t do any weight lifting, exercising. Walking was hard enough, let alone doing any of this. But after my procedure, I feel like a new man.

I was so impressed with my procedure and my results that I have three family members doing it. I just can’t say enough about it.


Like all medical procedures, Regenexx procedures have a success and failure rate.
Not all patients will experience the same results.