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Jane’s knee pain was preventing her from living an active life. After her stem cell procedures in her knees, she’s back to enjoying daily activities without pain.

Video transcript:

Yeah, I think I’ve gained a whole lot. I’ve kind of gotten my life back. I love to be outside. I love to do my gardening. I love to plant my flowers. We mow two acres, we own 40 acres, so we’re outside a lot, so–and it’s much better for me, for my husband too.

I have been a racquetball player for 35 years. I’ve had an Achilles tendon, I’ve had an ACL tear, all from racquetball and through those years and years of playing racquetball I have severe arthritis in my knees and it was affecting my life seriously. I did not want to have any kind of knee surgery. It was the last option for me, so I heard Dr. Jackson on the radio and I started doing some research online, made an appointment, and he’s the one that did the ultrasound and then he had me also have an X-ray of my knees which showed I was bone on bone for my knees.

Dr. Jackson recommended the stem cell procedure. It was kind of a three step procedure. The third one was the stem cell where they removed it from my hip area. I waited maybe four or five hours and then I went back and had it done the same day. I actually went shopping between those times so it was pretty painless.

It took I would say three weeks where I felt that I started not noticing quite as much pain and it just seemed like every week it was getting better. We went to Peru at about the eight week mark and I was doing a lot of walking and hiking and we did some rappelling so at that point I felt that it was a lot better, that I could do those things without actually living off of pain pills because that is what I was doing before. So now I, of course I don’t take Aleve anymore but if I take a Tylenol it’s very, very seldom. It’s a good feeling.

I’m not doing this procedure to go out and run a marathon or do a century bike ride or climb a mountain. I want to be able to go out and I want to work in my garden. I have a huge yard. I want to be able to go up and down stairs without any pain. I want to just go out and ride the bike with my husband. You know, we have a tandem bike and we ride bikes a lot and I just want to be able to do that and I am able to do that now without having to worry about taking Tylenol or anything like that.

My husband was very supportive of this procedure. You know, he was the one that really encouraged me to go forward with it. So, you know, we’re now able to do hiking together and we can ride our bikes together so… And we travel a lot and we do a lot of that kind of thing so now we can do it together and I don’t have to worry about staying behind and finding an alternative thing to do while he’s out doing all of that.

You know, when I get up in the morning I don’t have a lot of pain in my…I have no pain in my leg. I think it is so non-invasive. It was fairly painless. It is something I would highly recommend.


Like all medical procedures, Regenexx procedures have a success and failure rate.
Not all patients will experience the same results.