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Before her procedure, Sharrie was not able to do daily tasks or stay active without shoulder pain. She’s now enjoying a one hundred percent improvement, and she’s able to avoid taking any pain medications for her shoulder.

Video transcript:

Since the procedure, I have experienced a one hundred percent improvement. I am so pleased with my improvement that if I were to suffer another injury that I think Harbor View could correct for me, I’d be banging on the door.

My name is Sharrie, I am 79 years old, and I am retired. And the pain resulted I think from a fall that I had earlier. It’s a small tear on the rotator cuff of my left arm, and I am left handed. So, things I normally would do with my left hand, I was not able to do. Like when you go to the drive-in bank and you reach for the tube, that was not happening. Fastening the seat belt was another really difficult thing to do, because of the pain. So, those kinds of things, carrying groceries in my left hand. I did get an opinion from an orthopedic surgeon, who said I had a torn rotator cuff, and he did recommend surgery.

Well, I had looked up the Regenexx things online, and it made a lot of sense to me. Anything that I could do that would cure this rotator cuff that did not involve a lot of pain and another six weeks of limitation was the route for me.

Dr. Jackson recommended using the concentrated blood platelets on my shoulder. I came in on a Thursday afternoon, they took my blood, and they said they would concentrate the platelets overnight. I came in the next morning, and I got a three blocks on my shoulder, pain blocks, and three injections of my platelets. I walked out, they said to take it easy over the weekend which I did, but I was not in any pain from the procedure itself. It was, it was just like having a flu shot, it really was, yeah, it was just great. I even noticed a little bit improvement the first couple of weeks, and then the longer I worked with the physical therapy, the less pain I experienced.

My pain level initially ranged between a six and an eight, and now it’s a zero which is pretty amazing. I can exercise, I can raise my arms clear above my head, I can lift weights with my arms, and so I am really not finding any limitations at all. Before I had the procedure, I did have to take pain meds like Aleve or Tylenol, and I found that didn’t always control the pain. So, I even had to take hydrocodone once in a while, and I knew that’s not a good solution. So, I was just so grateful that there was Harbor View around to take care of the problem for me. Today, I’m not on any pain meds at all. My feelings with the Regenexx procedure is that you are using your tissue from your own body or blood or stem cells which is much more natural than having some foreign object put in your body. So, to me, it’s a much a more satisfactory way to heal. I would recommend Regenexx Des Moines in a minute. I am a very happy camper.


Like all medical procedures, Regenexx procedures have a success and failure rate.
Not all patients will experience the same results.