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Christopher Urbanek, D.O.

Christopher Urbanek, D.O.


Christopher Urbanek is a fellowship-trained physician in sports medicine and interventional orthopedics with a focus on delivering ethical, non-surgical treatment to neuromusculoskeletal conditions of the spine and extremities. He has been immersed in sports medicine since college where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and served as the head athletic trainer for a women’s professional football team. During that time, his team physician, Dr. Tanya Hagen, mentored and encouraged Dr. Urbanek to attend medical school. Completing his training at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, he then completed a residency in family medicine where he stayed for a sports medicine fellowship. After his sports medicine fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Dr. Urbanek worked at East Carolina University where he served as Director of Sports Medicine and Assistant Director for the Sports Medicine Fellowship. There, he treated patients of all ages and conditions from youth to senior athletes with neuromusculoskeletal injuries.

With additional training as a registered musculoskeletal sonographer, Dr. Urbanek has a wealth of clinical and teaching experience at the national level with diagnostic and interventional ultrasound. His extensive sports coverage has included over 12 high schools, 2 D1 colleges, 1 D3 college, 1 junior college, multiple obstacle course races, multiple races from 5K to marathon distance, and minor league baseball. After 4 years at East Carolina University, Dr. Urbanek attended a second fellowship at the world leader in orthiobiologics, the Centeno-Schultz Clinic. This further expanded his repertoire of image-guided, minimally invasive, non-surgical treatments.

In addition to his passion for a holistic approach to non-surgical patient care, Dr. Urbanek is an avid runner having participated in races up to 100 miles. His understanding of the physical demands of all athletes, from weekend warriors to elite athletes, translates into a caring, compassionate physician with an extensive skill set to ensure the best patient and procedure experience possible.