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How to use your book

There’s a lot to cover, and all the people who get the book are at different stages in their knowledge and research. We want to help you get to the spot where you are.

First, explore the table of contents, which highlights the topics discussed throughout the book. You can easily get to the subject you’re interested in by clicking on the chapter. The PDF will deliver you to that page. You can also scroll to that page number.

A lot of people prefer this method of learning, focusing on the area of most interest and then moving throughout the remainder of the book.

Finally, we want you to have our direct line in case you have a question while you’re reading. We can have a Regenerative Medicine Consultant answer your questions, and support you.

Your consultant can call you to introduce themselves, so you can get to know each other better. Or you can give us a call at 855-931-1919.