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Patient Reviews

Ed Harris
9 months ago
I was scheduled for a knee replacement (using a custom knee) in February 2019. I am a tennis player and have had two previous meniscus surgeries and things had reached the point where I could no longer play at all. Two weeks before the surgery, I decided to start with a safe and more conservative approach using my stem cells extracted from my bone marrow. I reviewed all of the research on this procedure and while large phase 3 trials are currently lacking, the phase 1/2 trials showed consistent positive results with very low risks.There were two places near me that did the procedure I wanted, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and Regenexx in various locations near me. I actually talked to the head of the program at Mayo and was frankly not impressed with their approach. When I contacted Regenexx, it was clear that they were very research focused, which (as a researcher myself), I really liked. They were also very clear about post-procedure guidelines for resuming activities versus Mayo's "don't overdo it" approach.I chose to have this done at Regenexx Des Moines in part because of Dr. Jackson's reputation but also because I have relatives in Des Moines. The night after the procedure is intense and you really should be with someone. From the moment I entered the clinic, I was impressed by the professionalism of the staff and also the condition of the clinic. Everything was done carefully and explained constantly, which I greatly appreciated. Dr. Jackson was excellent to work with and explained exactly what he was doing step by step. I could not have had a better experience there.So it is now one year later. I started taking lessons in late October and resumed full play in November. I wear an offload knee brace when playing tennis, as recommended, as it is somewhat protective. Everything was fine until the pandemic hit and all the tennis courts closed in March! I have almost no knee pain at this point even though I exercise intensely on an elliptical machine every day. Once I can start playing again, I will start to gradually try playing without the brace, although it really doesn't restrict my play in any case.Bottom line: I highly recommend Dr. Jackson and the staff at the Des Moines Regenexx location. I can't comment on any of their specific offerings other than for knee OA, but so far, it appears that I have completely met my goal of being able to play tennis with little or no knee pain without having to have a knee replacement!
rachel madlock
9 months ago
I am so happy to report that I am able to use my shoulder again and am so thankful for Regenexx. Those of you looking into utilizing platelet injections or stem cells please consider taking this route. It is not an immediate fix, but a progressive fix where it takes some time to heal, but I am able to throw a softball again with my girls and do things I hadn't been able to do in a long time. It definitely was a game changer for me as I didn't want to have extensive surgery. Thank you, Regenexx!!
Vitals Reviewer
10 months ago
Well worth the wait and time spent., Dr. Jackson always answers my questions and gives clear and concise feedback. I recommend his services to anyone interested in non-traditional medical care.
Rachel S.
10 months ago
Dr. Jackson always answers my questions and gives clear and concise feedback. I recommend his services to anyone interested in non-traditional medical care.
Harry Roberts