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9 months ago
Please read! I had tendinitis in both elbows. Couldn’t even work out with 3lb weights. Elbows ached at night while trying to sleep. My right shoulder had a partial tear. I had to keep a pillow wedged underneath so I could lie flat on my back. All three areas were injected at the same time. The first couple of days were rough…. Dr. Urbanek told me it would take 6-8 months to really feel the difference. It’s been over a year now. I can workout with regular weights, nothing aches at night, and I don’t need a pillow wedged under my shoulder anymore. I would do it again for sure.
Barbara Vaske
10 months ago
My husband received platelet injections last October. He could not even stand for more than a few minutes and could not walk very far. He was like this for several years. We had asked so many doctors to help but was always told the same, they couldn't pinpoint one thing to fix. He has five bulging disc and spinal stenosis We are at about 10 months later and he is doing so much better since the injections. He just went on a 2 mile walk today it has been going on daily walks for probably the last month. His back pain was also immediately gone after he got off the table last October. He never took any pain pills afterr the procedure. Before his back was at a constant eight for pain and now it's about a one or two. So happy he got this done!! I hope it lasts a long time. His back is still not perfect, but it's a huge improvement. And we would do this again if needed.
Krystal Schmitz
1 year ago
Having been to many doctors throughout the past year I was beyond thrilled to find a doctor like Dr. Urbanek. While I felt like I was shoved out the door at a previous doctor’s office who also had a background in sports medicine, (after the mandated 9.5 minutes alloted per patient) I was pleasantly impressed to find a caring, insightful, doctor who made absolutely certain that I had all of my questions answered before edging me out the doctor. Medical facilities take note: we are watching and truly notice this behavior and people like me will tell the world when we find this rare attentiveness and professionalism. We also will share just as much when we find the opposite. Thank you Dr. Urbanek for restoring my faith in medical practices who allow doctors adequate time per patient. It is duly noted.
Paula Mackarey
2 years ago
Regenexx has been a life saver! Friends and then doctors told me to try it. And so glad I did! I have been very hard on my 50 something body, and am not interested in being cut into and having parts replaced, as doctors have recommended. Regenexx has used MY OWN platelets, mixed into a miracle cocktail that makes my own body heal itself! Both knees, both shoulders, upper and lower cervical, and a hip, have caused me unbearable pain for years and decades. Labrum tears, arthritis, degenerative discs…just for starters. Steroid injections, although not good for your body, were a nice bandaid until they stopped working. Regenexx is a CURE. My life is completely changed for the better. I am healed. The 24/7 pain with every move I make is gone. Dressing myself, driving, going over any kind of bump in the road, trying to roll over in bed or sit up in bed, raise or lower to/from the seated position, are all possible and pain free now. I have a long active life ahead of me thanks to Regenexx. Don’t fall for being cut into as the only option, you owe it to yourself to check out Regenexx, they know how to heal!
Margaret Mccoy
2 years ago
My daughter had a platelet procedure for a torn hip labrum and she was extremely anxious. Doctor Urbanek made her feel very much at ease and called to check on her later that evening. He gave me his cell phone number and was very responsive when I had a concern the next day. She is still healing but is 2 weeks out and nearly pain free and back to normal day to day activity. Still working up to full high intensity activity but prior to the procedure she was living with some level of pain continuously. We are very thankful for Regenexx.
Barb Sammons
3 years ago
Dr. Urbanek listens, is very congenial and thorough. He's one of the best doctors I've dealt with.
Rick L.
4 years ago
It is truely a wonder that the stem cell procedure could improve my knees so much! I have no pain walking and only an occasional tweak if I turn my knee the wrong way! And no surgery! Hurrah!
Connie Ruggless
4 years ago
I am so happy to report that I am able to use my shoulder again and am so thankful for Regenexx. Those of you looking into utilizing platelet injections or stem cells please consider taking this route. It is not an immediate fix, but a progressive fix where it takes some time to heal, but I am able to throw a softball again with my girls and do things I hadn't been able to do in a long time. It definitely was a game changer for me as I didn't want to have extensive surgery. Thank you, Regenexx!!
Rachel Madlock
4 years ago
I had both knees done. The treatment was very successful for me. Both knees had pain and both my minibus muscle were torn. I believe they are healing after all these years. It was well worth it. Very friendly and professional. Best thing I ever had done.
Don Walth
6 years ago
I had a procedure at Regenexx in May of 2018 and I can say that I am having less pain than I've had in over 10 years. Highly recommended!!!
Brian Dommer
6 years ago
I’ve had hip, shoulder, plantar fasciitis done. Awesome. Much better than surgery.
Dawn Vander Weide
8 years ago
Dr Urbanek is definitely one of the best young doctors I have ever been associated with as my doctor I heard he will be leaving our practice at the end of the month don't know where he is going but will be missed care about you Dr Urbanek
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