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Patient Reviews

9 months ago
Dr Urbanek is amazing. He actually calls his patients, personally after a visit. If you have any joint or spine pain, you must go see him.
Shaun Buss
2 years ago
Dr. Urbanek listens, is very congenial and thorough. He's one of the best doctors I've dealt with.
Rick L.
3 years ago
I had both knees done. The treatment was very successful for me. Both knees had pain and both my minibus muscle were torn. I believe they are healing after all these years. It was well worth it. Very friendly and professional. Best thing I ever had done.
Don Walth
4 years ago
I had a procedure at Regenexx in May of 2018 and I can say that I am having less pain than I've had in over 10 years. Highly recommended!!!
Brian Dommer
4 years ago
I’ve had hip, shoulder, plantar fasciitis done. Awesome. Much better than surgery.
Dawn Vander Weide
7 years ago
Dr Urbanek is definitely one of the best young doctors I have ever been associated with as my doctor I heard he will be leaving our practice at the end of the month don't know where he is going but will be missed care about you Dr Urbanek
Thomas Myers In Natrona Heights Pa