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Connect Healthcare Collaboration works with consultants, brokers, and employers to reduce unnecessary healthcare spend while improving the outcomes of plan members by identifying and implementing proven strategies, then building the communication and education platform to ensure that plan members take advantage of these solutions. They will now be partnering to recommend Regenexx as a more effective and low-cost alternative to certain orthopedic surgeries. Through this partnership, Connect Healthcare Collaboration assist plan members in the education and ultimate consultation for Regenexx’s non-surgical, low-risk treatment alternatives for orthopedic injuries, joint conditions, and osteoarthritis.

Employee benefits are typically the second or third largest ongoing expense for employers behind payroll and raw materials — and it remains one of the few line items many employers don’t think they can do anything about. But Connect offers a tested and proven model to increase health literacy, engage employees, customize solutions, and reduce costs.

With this new partnership, Regenexx is now the solution for Connect Healthcare Collaboration partner employees who have been told they are in need of orthopedic surgery. Regenexx provides non-surgical alternatives to treat orthopedic injuries, arthritis, and other degenerative conditions. Founding the field of Interventional Orthopedics, Regenexx cell-based procedures effectively intervene on 70% of orthopedic injuries and conditions where surgery was previously the only solution. The Regenexx process of treating musculoskeletal conditions involves a level of physician skill and a patented protocols to customize cell based treatments which can only be achieved through their standards of practice.

Employers who partner with Regenexx not only report a significant drop in the need for high-risk orthopedic surgeries, they show less absenteeism and an enhanced benefits package. In fact, when given the choice of a traditional surgical procedure or a Regenexx procedure, employees have chosen to pursue Regenexx 99.7 percent of the time. Employers who underwrite Regenexx have reduced their orthopedic health care costs by 84 percent. When combined, these two factors create a win-win scenario for companies in offering competitive yet cost-effective employee benefits packages.

“Our job is to help employers across the US implement ways to gain control of their benefits spend and reduce that massive line item, while simultaneously increasing productivity,” said Sally Pace, Chief Executive Officer of Connect Healthcare Collaboration. “Because musculoskeletal spend is generally one of the largest claims classes for an insured population, introducing Regenexx into these plans immediately allows for significant savings, and yet equally important, provides superior outcomes for the lives they touch.”

When asked about this innovative collaboration Regenexx Chief Executive Officer, Jason Hellickson said, “As a provider of the most advanced non-surgical orthopedic care available in the United States, Regenexx is excited to continue our mission of producing the best-possible patient outcomes for Connect Healthcare Collaboration through successful alternatives to orthopedic surgery.”