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Craig struggled to sleep through his pain and to do basic tasks with his right arm until he had his Regenexx procedure at Regenexx Des Moines. Now, he’s able to get a good night’s rest and enjoy his life.

Video transcript:

“Not having the pain there is…I don’t…just kind of indescribable. It’s just not there and it’s great.

My name is Craig. I’m 59 years old. Well, the injury was on my right shoulder. It ended up being a torn rotator cuff and I really couldn’t do hardly anything with my right shoulder, you know. I drive a semi or 18 wheeler that I have to shift a lot with my right hand and steer. I also had some numbness in my fingers and I had surgery done on my elbow. It did not work at all.

After a while I ran across some information on Harbor View. They recommended that I have stem cell for the torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder and platelets in my elbow. Went in on a Thursday to have the platelets taken from my body and I had an appointment Friday morning, where they went in and injected everything in my shoulder. So, basically I had the weekend—Saturday and Sunday—to recuperate and I was back to work Monday morning, and I actually rode my motorcycle to work Monday morning. It was, like, two months after my procedure that I probably started noticing improvement.

Before I had the procedure done, I…I just couldn’t sleep at night. Just the pain of my shoulder would wake me up from my sleep. After the procedure—probably the first month—the pain of my shoulder was gone or diminished quite a bit where I could get a full night’s sleep, so that was a great improvement. And it’s simple things, like opening up a door. I’d always use my… I just stopped using my right arm to open up a door or push a door open. It’s getting almost pretty much back to normal usage where I can use my right arm just as well as my left arm. The pain before the procedure was definitely a ten and now, after the procedure, I have virtually no pain at all. It is amazing. I’m pretty much amazed and happy with the results. It’s helped with every aspect of my life.”


Like all medical procedures, Regenexx procedures have a success and failure rate.
Not all patients will experience the same results.