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Patient Success Stories

Golfing in your golden years with Regenerative Medicine for the Knee

Father Time finally caught up to Mike Goro. Doctors told the aging athlete he needed knee replacement surgery in order to continue his hobby through retirement. Regenexx allowed Mike to avoid the operating room and continue playing the game he loves.

Ironman regains strength to compete with Regenerative Medicine

Champion triathlete Guy Berkebile was told his running days were over. His knees had deteriorated from years of competition. Guy chose Regenexx to treat his condition and deliver his body back to All-American form.

Soccer referee returns to the field with Regenerative Medicine

After four meniscus surgeries, a knee injury threatened to shut down Demetrios Papas. The soccer ref regularly ran more than 30 miles officiating matches on the weekend. Regenexx procedures saved his knee — and his way of life

Real people. Real struggles. Real results.

Back injuries, torn knees, multiple surgeries, chronic pain — these people suffered through it all. Out of options, they found hope in regenerative medicine. Regenexx treatments resolved their health problems and restored their way of life.

Active Older Couple Dances On With Help of Regenexx

Marie loved dancing. Don loved kayaking. They both loved pursuing these passions together. When arthritis and injury threatened to take away their shared hobbies, Marie and Don relied on Regenexx treatments to continue enjoying their favorite activities — together.

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