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Lynne is a force to be reckoned with, or perhaps she more accurately should be described as a redirected force. Her love is aikido, the Japanese martial art of redirecting an attacker’s forces back on him or her, using the opponent’s own energy to allow the smallest defenders to thwart the largest attackers. When Lynne was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her hip, she wanted to use her own stem cells to avoid hip-replacement surgery. Her stem-cell treatment became her personal journey to redirect her own internal forces to help her hip.

In 2014, Lynne began to experience hip pain when she stood for a long time or took a long stride. She was forced to cut back dramatically on aikido. While her osteoarthritis appeared moderate on MRI, her doctor recognized that there was more to the story. Lynne also had a chronically irritated spinal nerve in her back, and spondylolisthesis, a condition in which one vertebra slides forward on the other. Her hip initially was treated using the Regenexx SD stem-cell procedure, using imaging guidance to direct stem-cells to the tendons around the hip and into the hip joint. Lynne’s lower back also was treated twice using the Regenexx DDD procedure.

Four months after her treatments, Lynne sent this email to her doctor: “I’ve started to teach and take [aikido] class, but I’ve cut back on my frequency. I’m feeling good and giving myself enough days of rest between classes. My hip definitely has improved in mobility and there is a lessening of pain. The work with my back and sacrum ligaments has helped me dramatically with strength and posture.”

“A Hip Stem-Cell Treatment for an Aikido Master” first appeared as a post on the Regenexx blog.